Over 180 surveys on relevant topics

The Statista Surveys

Over 180 surveys on relevant topics
Over 180 surveys on relevant topics
  • Survey data tables and reports from our exclusive consumer & expert surveys
  • Conducted by our experienced market and social researchers
  • New surveys on a regular basis
  • Detailed information on the study design
  • Available for download in PDF or Excel format
  • $350 per survey data table or report
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Popular survey data tables for UK surveys

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Our dossiers are compositions of the data most crucial in gaining a strong foothold in a subject area. We compile our dossiers in accordance with the most frequently searched-for terms, meaning that we are able to provide our users with dossiers on the topic areas that interest them. In easy to understand PowerPoint formats, our dossiers serve as research facilitators for users wishing to gain a rapid but comprehensive insight into a topic. Regular updates and routine additions guarantee that our dossiers are always up to date.


  •  How many people participate in each survey?

    The number depends on the individual country and survey. All details can be found in each study’s description.

  •  Do your surveys use representative samples?

    We ensure that all collected data is representative of the respective target population by use of quota and random sampling. Additional information about each study’s target population and its demographics can be found in the corresponding description sections.

  •  Which quality requirements do your surveys comply with?

    We comply with the guidelines set up by the professional associations ESOMAR, BVM, ADM, and DGOF to, in particular, maintain scientific standards pertaining to the collection, analysis, and protection of data as well as the processing of personal information.